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T H E   D I F F E R E N C E

We've always delivered results, but now we guarantee them.

Step 1:

Complete our Growth Optimization (GO) Plan process. Simply stated, a GO Plan with RedRover is about achieving your company’s full potential based on our qualitative and quantitative research. No matter how you define that potential — growth in sales volume, profit improvement, expansion into new markets or improved reputation —  a GO Plan guides the way.

Discover key competitive advantages, leverage clear audience insights and win more with:

    • Competitive Mapping
    • Buyer Lifecycle Analysis
    • Competitor Marketing Gaps & Weaknesses
    • Key Influencer Interviews
    • Targeted Focus Groups
    • Current, Lost and Prospective Buyer Surveys
    • One-on-One Job Shadowing
    • Time-Efficiency Studies
    • Sales Compensation Alignment
    • “Hunter” vs “Gatherer” Assessment
    • Revenue/Profit Analysis
    • Sales Trends
    • Return on Investment

Step 2:

Partner with us to execute strategies backed by compelling key differentiators, clear competitive advantages and high-profit buyer profiles from the GO research. Your customized strategies will measure success against the defined goals and metrics, including:

  • Projected Break-Even Point
  • Growth Metrics & Milestones
  • Predictable Plan ROI

Our most sought-after capabilities include:

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations & Reputation Management
  • Sales Process Improvement
  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • Website Strategy & Design

Our pack averages 15 years of experience in our specialized fields, so we know the proven strategies that will drive real growth.

Step 3:

Reap the benefits of growth! But, if by chance we don’t achieve those defined goals and metrics — you’ll be credited the difference.

How RedRover’s Results Guarantee Works:

1: After your plan’s foundation is in place, RedRover will start tracking results for metrics projected in the plan.

2: After a quarter of execution, if your plan metrics are not achieved, RedRover will credit a percentage of your next quarter’s pre-planned hours.

3: Credit is applied to your existing plan in hours, and you will see the credit reflected on your invoice.

4: Once RedRover sees a metric is missed, tactics will be adapted to ensure metrics will be met in future quarters of the plan.

Stop chasing sales and marketing results.

Let us fetch them for you — guaranteed.

Get on our calendar!

Is a GO Plan right for me?

“Mahaffey has really enjoyed the collaboration, partnership, and results from our marketing partners with Red Rover. They’ve taken time to truly understand our business and have been innovative and forward-thinking with their approach to help us grow our business.”

Jason CoxSales Manager, Mahaffey USA

“RedRover really digs in from the beginning to gain a complete understanding of your business and industry, as demonstrated by their keen awareness of our unique situation and the best path forward from our very first conversation. They take an insightful, big-picture approach to strategy development, and their ability to deliver on both our marketing and training needs was a crucial factor in the decision to partner with them.”

Glen ThomasPIO, Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority

“RedRover gave us a launch strategy that covered all the bases we needed, including message points, prepared copy, and a PR plan -- which we expected. What went above our expectations were RedRover's recommendations for improved naming and positioning of two of the three programs. We loved their recommendations and the initiative they took to look deeper at our strategic needs.”

Amy DanielsSenior Vice President, Membership and Communications Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Results.


GUAR  •  AN  •  TEE
  • Something that assures a particular outcome or position
  • A pledge that something will be performed in a specified manor
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