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guar · an · tee
  • Something that assures a particular outcome or condition.
  • A pledge that something will be performed in a specified manner.
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T H E   D I F F E R E N C E

We’ve always delivered results, but now we guarantee them.


Complete our Growth Optimization (GO) Plan process – through which we’ll set specific goals and metrics for your success based on our qualitative and quantitative research.


Partner with us to execute strategies backed by the GO research process, customized to your specific needs and measure its success against the defined goals and metrics.


Reap the benefits of growth! But, if by chance we don’t achieve those defined goals and metrics — you’ll be credited the difference.


Stop chasing marketing and sales results.

Let’s us fetch them for you, guaranteed.

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RedRover knows that our customized sales and marketing plans need to be grounded in the reality of your unique business. That’s how our work gains real results for you and your bottom line.

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Disclaimer: Clients eligible for RedRover’s results guarantee have: 1) Completed the Growth Optimization (GO) Plan process as proposed by RedRover. 2) Hired RedRover to execute the sales and marketing plan resulting from the GO Plan. 3) Agreed to allow RedRover to execute the strategy in full as proposed according to the timeline outlined.