CEOs Turn To RedRover When Frustrated By Their Results...

[or lack thereof]

RedRover is “the kind of strategic partnership every growing, forward-thinking, middle-market company deserves.” — Bill Sublette, Vice President, Mahaffey USA

What We Are

Our purpose at RedRover is to crash the ceilings that limit our clients’ growth potential. We are breaking the mold of what our clients have come to expect from an agency, and it’s a charge none of us takes lightly.

More specifically, RedRover is a fanatically metric-focused, full-service agency with deep market-research and strategic-planning chops which allow us to develop performance-driven strategies informed by keen insights and backed by a bold results-guarantee.

Our powerful pack of rock stars is full of courageous agents of change that take big leaps to drive meaningful results. And we do this through our five differentiators:

Our Differentiators

C-suite mentality

Strategy powered by intensive research

Marketing and sales strategy alignment

Analytically inspired creativity

Guaranteed results

What We’re Not

We are not growth hackers — only concerned with short-term wins at the expense of long-term outcomes. While we develop performance-driven strategies, we also appreciate the long-game of brand building and delighting customers in order to create a true flywheel.

We do not define measurable results in impressions, reach or frequency, but in key performance indicators that actually move the needle — such as qualified leads generated, growth in market share, increases in transaction size, reduced cost of customer acquisition and gross-profit improvements.

We refuse to tell clients what they want to hear in order to land new business. We are honest, forthright and transparent.

What We Stand For

Our goal is nothing short of being extraordinary. Extraordinary performance comes from extraordinary people, and the foundation for extraordinary people is our extraordinary culture. RedRover’s Pack DNA is comprised of the 25 unique behaviors that define our distinctive “Unleashed” culture. They’re what set us apart and what makes us a leader in our field. These behaviors bring the following five RedRover core values to life:

Our Core Values

Agents of Change
Incurable Need for Results
Team Win Before the Self Win, and the Win Matters
Self-Disciplined and Accountable

We have been recognized for our culture, including being named by the Memphis Business Journal as one of the city’s Best Places to Work, and it’s why we have a 4.4-star engaged-employer score on Glassdoor based on employee reviews with 92% CEO approval and 90% positive outlook scores.


engaged-employer score


ceo approval


positive outlook

How We Operate

RedRover is structured on a scalable operating system called Traction which means we rely on these six components for growth.



We ensure everyone in our organization is 100 percent on the same page with where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.


Simply put, we can’t do it without great people. This means surrounding ourselves with exceptional talent that’s culturally aligned, top to bottom, and putting them in the right seats, because we can’t achieve a great vision without a great team.


We boil our organization down to a handful of objective numbers that give us an absolute pulse on our performance — both leading and lagging indicators — and we share those transparently with the full pack.


We are great at solving problems throughout the organization — setting them up, knocking them down and making them go away forever.


We have “systemized” our business by identifying and documenting the core processes that define the way we run our business. We get everyone on the same page with what the essential procedural steps are, and then we get everyone to follow them to create consistency and scalability.


We have discipline and accountability to ensure we are exceptional at execution — taking the vision down to the ground and making it real.

Our Results

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2055% ROI

900% Sustained Increase

96% City Coverage

And More…



The status quo isn’t good enough. We are out to change what you’ve come to expect from an agency. RedRover is a true marketing partner that cares about the growth of your business. Each plan we build is grounded in research and custom-designed to deliver a predictable ROI that we guarantee.

We accomplish this through…

Results Guarantee

Step 1: Growth Optimization

Complete our Growth Optimization (GO) Plan process. Simply stated, a GO Plan with RedRover is about achieving your company’s full potential based on our qualitative and quantitative research. No matter how you define that potential — growth in sales volume, profit improvement, expansion into new markets or improved reputation —  a GO Plan guides the way.

Discover key competitive advantages, leverage clear audience insights and win more with:

  • Competitive Mapping
  • Buyer Lifecycle Analysis
  • Competitor Marketing Gaps & Weaknesses
  • Key Influencer Interviews
  • Targeted Focus Groups
  • Current, Lost and Prospective Buyer Surveys
  • One-on-One Job Shadowing
  • Time-Efficiency Studies
  • Sales Compensation Alignment
  • “Hunter” vs “Gatherer” Assessment
  • Revenue/Profit Analysis
  • Sales Trends
  • Return on Investment

Strategy Execution

Partner with us to execute strategies backed by compelling key differentiators, clear competitive advantages and high-profit buyer profiles from the GO research. Your customized strategies will measure success against the defined goals and metrics, including:

  • Projected Break-Even Point
  • Growth Metrics & Milestones
  • Predictable Plan ROI

Our most performance-driven capabilities include:

  • Geofencing
  • Retargeting
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social-Media Driven Lead Gen
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Digital Display & Native
  • Digital Video / OTT
  • Sales Training & Coaching

Our pack averages 15 years of experience in our specialized fields, so we know the proven strategies that will drive real growth.

Results Guarantee

Reap the Benefits

If by chance we don’t achieve the defined goals and metrics — you’ll be credited the difference. How it works:



After your plan’s foundation is in place, RedRover will start executing and tracking results for metrics projected in the plan.

Quarterly Measurement

Each quarter, RedRover will evaluate and report on your actual plan metrics compared to planned.


If your plan metrics are not achieved, RedRover will credit a percentage of your next quarter’s pre-planned hours.

Goal Realignment

Once RedRover sees a metric is missed, tactics will be adapted to ensure metrics will be met in future quarters of the plan.
Results Guarantee


Results Guarantee and GO Plans aren’t for everyone. Do you qualify?


We expect them to be in regular communication and to support us in removing obstacles interfering with performance.

Team Ready to Change

We recommend “what it takes.” Is your team “on the bus”?


No more dart-throwing. We trust the data, do you?


Our strategies exceed goals. Does your company have clearly defined goals?


$10 million -$100 million with consistent profitability

Marketing Budget

Annual marketing budget over $150k


HQ is located in the continental United States.

My Company Qualifies

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Our Partnership

Our Partnership

Why You?

We don’t want to work with just anyone. The RedRover market research team scoured the country for companies – like yours – that have the qualifications to be a good fit for a partnership with our pack. Based on what we know about your organization, we believe you have the fortitude to make necessary changes, respect for data-based decisions, the belief that people do things better together, and the courage to do what it takes to get the results.


Benefits of Combining Forces with RedRover


Partnership Philosophy

We put our clients first by forging long-term, collaborative relationships where we are viewed as a member of our client’s C-Suite – not just a vendor delivering a series of projects.


We put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our results to clients which builds trust and retention.

Fresh Perspective

Historical information is always important, and we value your insider knowledge. We bring a fresh perspective to every partnership, pull teams out of their comfort zone and bring innovative solutions and strategies. "How it's always been done" is not in our vocabulary.

Dedicated, Single Point of Contact

When you partner with RedRover, we provide you with a dedicated Account Manager. Beyond functioning as your single point of contact; they perform as your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer as the first and highest strategic marketing voice at the table. They have a proven track record of measurably moving the needle on client performance through developing and leading the execution of break-through marketing strategies, managing teams of marketing specialists and communicating with C-Suite members.

An Army of Specialists

Behind every account manager, there is a team of specialists who are dedicated to their field and act as senior-level advisors helping our entire team make smart decisions for you. From data analysts, graphic designers, to PPC specialists, and copywriters, each team member doesn't just stay "in-the-know," they roll up their sleeves and dig in to client performance.


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